Robocon 2020 ‒ Hong Kong Contest
The Robocon 2020 Hong Kong Contest has the following objectives.
  • 引發公眾(尤其是大學生和中學生)對工程學及資訊科技的興趣,增進認識;
    To arouse the interest in and awareness of engineering and IT among the public, in particular university and secondary school students.
  • 讓大專學生和有志投身工程界的青年動手設計並製作機械人,從中汲取經驗;
    To encourage the design and construction of robots, providing real experience for post-secondary students and future engineers.
  • 為各大學院系設定合作目標,讓機械工程、電子、電腦程式設計學生彼此合作;
    To set a joint project target for various university departments, requiring cooperation between students studying mechanical engineering, electronics and computer programming.
  • 讓本地大專院校交流工程學的心得;
    To serve as a platform for local universities and colleges to exchange experiences in engineering.
  • 選拔優勝者,代表香港參與國際賽事;
    To select the strongest team to represent Hong Kong in the international contest.
  • 透過國際賽事的平台,讓香港學生與其他國家 / 地區的工程系學生交流經驗;
    To provide a valuable chance for local students to exchange engineering experiences with students from other countries/ regions through the international contest.
  • 向世界各國介紹本地大學在工程學方面的成就;
    To provide exposure for local universities on an international stage.
  • 提昇香港高等教育的形象;
    To promote the image of Hong Kong in higher education.
  • 藉電視轉播普及工程知識。
    By means of television coverage, to promote engineering concepts among the public.

The winning team will represent Hong Kong to compete in ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest.

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